Get A Lump Sum Payment to Claw Your Way Forwards in Tough Economic Times!


Get A Lump Sum Payment to Claw Your Way Forwards in Tough Economic Times!

The evolution of beauty in a woman’s world has culminated in plethora regimens aimed at evening out the skin texture for a smoother, whiter complexion. Cosmetic surgery has become a normalcy, laser surgery to edge out excessive hair or remove spider veins and stem-cell technology can bestow significant skin changes. However, the downsides lurking in beautifying supplements means users sail close to the wind and can end up sustaining irreversible damage. Protracted application of certain skin whitening products may expose you to potentially toxic health conditions such as skin cancer, mercury poisoning or liver damage. Women who have an ax to grind with manufacturers of potentially deleterious skin whiteners can institute a lawsuit for personal injury by invoking the theories of negligence, strict liability, product liability or alternate liability.

Claire Danvers had a gut feeling until after using a skin whitening cream when her complexion dotted with tough crusts prompted her dermatologist to undertake a diagnosis that revealed she had skin cancer. But every cloud has a silver lining; she retained a New York hotshot attorney seasoned in product liability suits to get her stroke of justice. No sooner had the attorney made a claim for damages than the manufacturer threw in the towel and agreed to stump up compensation. Due to the brutal nature of the damage, the attorney obtained a sizable amount of money not payable as a lump sum. Her compensatory money got locked in a structured settlement arrangement with a stable income stream. With her income taking a nosedive, Claire became cash-strapped on her medical therapy bills and a skin regimen to ameliorate her condition. Racing against the clock, she took the plunge to sell the structured settlement payments in a market that can turn to a lottery.

Sell Structured Settlement

Contact A Factoring Company for Number Crunching to Find the Value of your Future Cash Flows

Claire explored the market for the highest bids and also used online calculators to estimate the value of her remaining monthly installments. Structured settlement funding companies compete by outbidding each other giving you a vantage point to seize the highest figure and incur nominal transfer expenses. Claire finally entrusted Fairfield Funding who agreed to acquire 120 of her monthly installments of $700 from July 1, 2016, to July 1, 2020.

Scan Paperwork Conveyed by the Buyer of Annuities to Know the Consideration of the Contract

When the customer representative responded with free quotes, Claire took it with a pinch of salt. The transfer disclosure document shed light on the discounted value of the payment rights transferred using the applicable federal interest rate, the aggregate total amount of the future income, transactional fees, discount rate of 17% and gross advance amount.

What Factors Determine the Discount Rate Applicable?

Structured settlement annuity buyers acquire deferred cash flows in return for a discounted lump sum. Companies like Fairfield consider the size and date of payments, attendant costs of funding, servicing expenses and the expenditure of preparing court paperwork. The discount rate levied in her transaction was within industry levels for the sale of payment rights and fell below most credit card rates. Based on the effective IRS federal rate for annuity valuation, she scooped 75% of her payment stream.

Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment Amongst the Grounds Why Courts Approve Transfer of Structured Settlements

Before she could garner her lump sum payment, Claire had to appear in court to reiterate the grounds outlined in her affidavit attached to the petition filed by Fairfield in her county of residence. Due to the deterioration of her health, this weighed heavily in her favor as the judge’s hands were tied. The court certified her matter as urgent and proceeded to approve the transaction as in the face of a matter of life and death. The court has to approve the deal to avoid jeopardizing the life the seller. To get your transaction for the transfer of payment rights, you will need to convince the court it’s compelling at that moment.

Deferred Payments Under Her Structured Settlements A Blessing in Disguise

As it cannot be perfected as security, gaining liquidity from a structured settlement poses challenges for payees who want money now. When her world threatened to collapse at the seams, the monthly payments came flooding back to her. Although only worth a few hundreds of dollars, she combined them to nail a figure substantial enough to pay her medical bills.

Top 3 Picks-Structured Settlement Funding Companies

JG Wentworth provides you, online calculators, to work out the lump sum payment, rush through your petition in court and has a vast pool of attorneys to sway the judge to approve the transfer of structured settlements within the shortest time.

Peachtree Financial Solutions is a buyer of structured settlement payments with substantial factoring experience; they provide a personal representative to serve and solve issues with insurers. Peachtree can offer a cash advance to sellers short on cash.

Woodbridge Structured Funding captures everything in a transfer agreement and disclosure conveyed to you before you sign the deal. The company can speed up the factoring procedure for quick payments.…